The invisible suitcase

The invisible suitcase if I speak of this case people think it's a joke but it is not property of reality that suitcase can contain any kind of thing but every time someone else will they open see nothings so nothing inside you only the owner have the ability to decide when are content will be visible.

With this bag you can travel safely without any cameras not see what you are transported not even the customs of the dogs will not even know what is in the bag .I made this bag has several who thought myself not at the beginning but now they thank me every time I see them I swear bag holds all out of one thing you just see its contents.

Let me explain: if I made the bag when you travel you go put what you have to carry in the purse and you get repeated the mantra that I will give you and once the incantation then finish the object you go back in the bag will become invisible, and now you go to take the bag and go where you want when get to the place you want to go you go again repeated the mantra be going back in the bag.

It's that simple.