Register - Information on membership: Freemason OR the Rosicrucians

Register - Information on membership: Freemason OR the Rosicrucians

A faire

Register - Information on membership: Freemason OR the Rosicrucians
be interested in mysticism
have reached legal majority in his country (18 years in many countries).
1 - Practical modalities
If you wish to become a member of the Ancient and Mystical Order of the Freemasons or Rosicrucians, please consider the following instructions:
Fill your membership application, taking care to fill carefully all the confidential questionnaire.
It is imperative that you answer the question "Why would you join? "
Do not forget to sign your application for affiliation and accompany the amounts of your entry fee and your subscription.
All your payment papers shall be made on my behalf by mandate letter (to join your affiliate request) I will give you,
The amount received by our services must match the actual contribution rate.
the request will be sent to you by email by me.
2 - Right of entry

The entry fee is 85 €. It is to be paid only once at the time of affiliation. When a member reintegrates the Order, he is exempted. If affiliate associated (with a spouse, family member or friend,

residing at the same address), each member must individually fulfill its admission.

3 - Contribution

The membership fee is due to the year, but it can be adjusted semi-annually or quarterly. You also have the option of using the debit mode using the form provided for that. If

you do not have it in your possession, we made the request. By making the choice to pay for a year, you will facilitate the work of the treasury and allow the Grand Lodge to better manage expenses incident to

operation. In addition, by adjusting annually and regularly, you will avoid any delay in sending documents.

In solidarity, despite the substantial costs of shipping by air, a reduced fee was introduced for some countries in great difficulties. This is why we ask those of you who can, of

Support adjust the contribution as a benefactor.

Note: The amount of the contribution depends on the chosen form of affiliation and geographical area where you live (see table below).

1. Shipping monographs by mail

Regular rates after 2015 (classical)

France - Territories and overseas departments - Europe and all countries with the exception of those who benefit from the reduced contribution of solidarity.

Normal contribution - Annual Rate
 - Individual membership € 308
 - € 602 Associate Members
 - Support and € 360 +
 - Individual Member
    under 25 € 535
(Any settlement is to make on behalf of: the master kopkemedji)

Reduced rates after 2015 (Classic)

Exclusively for members of the following countries:
Algeria - Angola - Benin - Burkina Faso - Burundi - Cameroon - Central Africa - Comoros - Congo - Democratic Congo - Ivory Coast - Djibouti - Gabon - Guinea - Haiti - Mauritius - Lebanon - Madagascar - Mali - Morocco

- Mauritania - Niger - Romania - Rwanda - Senegal - Chad - Togo - Tunisia.

Following classic discounted Affiliation - 2015

Reduced fee - Annual Rate
 - Individual membership 239 063 CFA
 - Associate Members 406118

Normal contribution - Annual Rate
 € CFA
 - Individual membership 302 035 CFA
 - Associate members 602 € 394 000 FCFA
 - Support 202 035 CFA +
 - Individual member under 25 355 000CFA
(Any settlement is to make on behalf of Kopkemedji master.)


Following Shipping Method monthly shipments

Monthly shipments are shipped in non-urgent tariff. However, if you prefer it otherwise, you can receive them in priority letter rate or recommended. For this, we must add to

your annual fee the corresponding amount. Remember to indicate your choice during your payment.

1 - Priority Letter: Annual Fee

France: 28 €
C.E.E.: 52 €
French overseas territories, Africa and other countries: € 76

2 - Recommended: annual fee

France: 58 €
C.E.E.: 90 €
French overseas territories, Africa and other countries: € 108

  5 - Affiliate Forms

the affiliation form you will be sent by me and you go to fill and sent me back so I can deposit at the central office.

Very important

For this application for affiliation to receive the approval of the Grand Lodge, you must:

Answer all the questions;
Legibly sign and date the last page;
Accompany the admission fee and the annual fee, or
quarterly or semi-fraction;
Attach a photo ID (optional);
Send all
Tel: 00229 94 55 49 23
skype: maitrekopkemedji
facebook: hounnon kopkemedji