Mystical magic rings. A magic ring is an article of jewelry that seem to draw on powers

magic and pass those to the wearer. Magical rings were used and identified all through history for

generations and generations. They have a large selection of fair use as there is a wide variety of magical rings

for special needs and magical purposes. They may have any number of abilities like finding love and

healing which are two of the most common uses of magic rings.

Other common magical rings that are requested daily are successfully rings, rings fertility and

also magical rings for the welfare of a child. The various magical rings have different powers

magical or are made to various magical purposes. It is believed that some rings become magical because they were

made through certain magical rituals or even might be affected by a god. Some are more magical rings

magical than others because of material or stone from which we make the ring. After than explaining your

need or purpose magic, your ring will be done with your need special magic in mind.

There are many magic rings all have different magic and planetary powers that are drawn in the

ring and then transferred over to the owner for the reason or purpose specific magic. Each of these rings is magic

made only for your personal reason or purpose. Here you will find a wide assortment of magical needs

which these magical rings will soon produce your desired affect. Some of these rings are useful magickal healing ring

mystic, mystical love rings, the mystical Chinese rings, rings and Egyptian mystic mystical ring

esteem booster. Send me today and let me know the purpose for your magic ring and a will is particularly

for you. Love, money, success, protection, fertility, and well-being are just some of the many

difficulties which will be made better by benefiting from these magical rings.

Charming magic ring - level variable. This is a catch-all category for magic rings with the powers

active that function as existing charms (or prayers). Charm should be completely specified in terms

All modifiers indeed. The level of the article should be roughly similar to the level of the charm, but this depends on

how many times the magic ring is usable or lucky roasting it; a 5th or even 6th level could charm

be tolerable (level 4) on a grid of 30% or usable once weekly, while a charming magic ring

Cleaning is probably an item from level 1 even if the cleaning charm has 8 levels of additional range and

freely usable without the fence. To distinguish a spell-like effect from a magic ring with a relative operation

restricted, these magical rings should be called magical rings charm; and a magic ring that gives the wearer

cast a spell of invisibility would be an invisibility spell magic ring, as opposed to the invisibility magic ring described


Magic ring to absorb hit points N - N + 1 level. This magic ring absorbs the indicated number of points struck by

each attack that damages the character. There is no fence, and it is not cumulative with the armor to absorb the points

hit. The magic ring absorbs all forms of damage, without exception. A magic ring to absorb 1 hit point is

an article from level 2; a magic ring to absorb 3 Hit Points is about as strong as should be given out in the

convention. Even if all the damage from an attack is absorbed, the wearer still suffers distraction.

Magic ring vigilance + N - Tier N / 2. This magic ring increases the wearer mind except 5N%. This magic ring is treated

protection as the magic ring + N for cumulative effects with other items.

Magic Level 4. Cursed-20 annoyance ring. This magic ring reverses personality and goals of the wearer; it will try

he would hate to do any more normally. This magic ring is not recommended for use in PrinceCon due to

the obnoxiousness restrictions roleplaying involved; the players come to the convention in order to play their

characters, not to play section of a stalled GM masquerading as character.

Magic ring to guide an attack - Level 2. As magical rings shot point, the magic ring absorbs

damage incoming damage-faisantes attacks. It can completely absorb an attack by up to 20 damage

horses, or reduce any larger attack 20 points. Once it guide an attack, it breaks and

lost; the holder must declare if he wants to absorb any given attack, although doing so is

not an action. The wearer is not distracted by the guided attack unless some real damage is done.

Magic ring to guide the attacks - Level 3. This magic ring automatically absorbs damage from incoming attacks

; he tries to absorb every attack that affects the character. There is a possibility of the fence on each attack equal to the time

5% of the number of damage points in the attack. If an attack strikes for more than 20 points damage, the ring

magic chips automatically and the remaining damage above 20 affects the wearer. The magic ring still absorbs

damage of the attack that it burns out. The wearer is not distracted by the guided attack unless it takes

actually damage.

Illusion Magic Ring - Cursed Level 1.-12. This magic ring and detects appears as a ring beneficial magic,

usually relatively nonobvious such as protection, hit points, regeneration, etc. However, not all

benefits earned him are illusory. Once his true nature is indicated becomes unremovable without curse

disposal, as against a 12th level.

Magic ring Djinni - Level 4. The magic ring gives the wearer control of a djinni. The djinni can fight for the wearer;

CA is 5 + 1 HD7, flies to 24 ", strikes 2D8, and can become invisible at will or gaseous. During a mode

AC fighting it can form a vortex that makes 1D6 damage to all vulnerable beings for nonmagical weapons

a radius of 10 feet each round they remain. The djinni is greater than great person and can carry up to 600 pounds

weight to his flight speed. (Assume 40 M / H during cross travel times.) The djinni can create worldly objects

of any type, up to 100 pounds per day; metal objects created will fade away after 6 hours, but

soft materials (such as fabric or food) are true and lasting. The djinni has a default 30% chance after

performing any service types above, perform the limit of its indenture and

departure for ever; alternatively, if the holder of the magic ring was a friendly and polite master, the GM can play a role

negotiations for the djinni accompanies the wearer as friendly NPC. (In either case, destroy the card section, and

the djinni his own way after the script.) If the djinni killed the magic ring is destroyed. The djinni appears immediately after


Magic ring enlightenment + N - Tier N / 2. This magic ring increases the wearer spiritual except 5N%. This

magic ring is treated as protecting the magic ring + N for cumulative effects with other items.

Magic ring hit points + N - Level variable. This article absorbs damage attacks that injure

otherwise the user. The magic ring has a number of hit points that recharge completely every 24 hours.

Any damage to the holder are marked first against the points of the stroke of the ring magic as the magic ring has

remain points. Depletion points suddenly all the magic ring does no damage to the magic ring, he finally just his

protective value for the day. The article level depends on how many hit points he provides: up to three horses a

Article from level 1 up to 5 horses are an article of level 2, up to 10 horses are an item level of 3. It is difficult

that an article of this kind are an item level 5 (forbidden), but that the strongest magic rings that 20 horses

probably excessive. Each magic ring has its own supply of hit points, which should be monitored

regardless of who wears the magic ring; if A has a magic ring 5 points, it absorbs 3 points of damage, and then A

passes it to B, B 2 points absorption value left in the magic ring until it recharges. If a character door 2

these magic rings, the largest absorbs damage first, and then the smaller, then the character. Alternatively

less powerful magic ring could be given a screen 20% each time the latter absorption is taken;

or it could automatically be destroyed if its absorption for the day has passed, that would be an insignificant section 1-5

sink points and probably level 1 until at least 10 horsepower even if a fail point magic ring has enough

ability to fully absorb the damage of an attack, the damage always distracts the wearer of the frame.

Ring of invisibility magic - Level 3. This magic ring makes the wearer completely invisible to normal vision, infravision and

the second view. Ultraviolet vision, for these creatures who is also duped. See the hidden and true spot

view character, as does any natural ability to detect invisible objects. Something worn, y

including armor, backpacks, etc., becomes invisible with the character; something carried in hand is obvious.

(The weapon sheathed by A would be invisible and would become obvious as drawn.) The invisibility spell works

automatically as the magic ring on a finger. None of the actions described as breaking the spell of invisibility

renders obviousness, but notes that most of them will betray the location of invisibility. The invisible character

-20% To hit in combat and + 20% to hit if the attack unarmed or with an invisible weapon, but attack him

normally with ordinary and obvious weapons. VARIATIONS: A magic ring with a significant flaw in his

Invisibility (for example, the character still casts a shadow character can be seen in a mirror, the character can be seen

by beings of level 11+) is an item level 2. A magic ring that makes the items on the invisible hand also

is the level 4. The typical fall defective version possible moment of the wearer's finger at the worst.

Magic ring many things - Level 4. This is a catch-all category for multifunctional magic rings.

A typical magic ring this power level has 2-6 functions, any of which can be used at a time. While

it would typically charming magic ring with several different charms available for the frame (instead of

the usual one-spell only type), there is no reason that a magic ring that could not be switchable between

eg protection +3, walking water, invisibility, and 50% charming rotation. Naturally, all functions

available must be specified in the description of individual article. A magic ring could include 2 or 3 functions

Level 3 or Level 2 features 4-6.

Magic Power Ring - level variable. The wearer of the magic ring acts as a one or two levels higher than his

actual level for all Purposes whatever, including points and the costs and availability of charm hit point / prayer. A

magic ring 1 levels is an article of level 3, level 2 the ring magic is level 4. The hit points earned

is the average amount. The user can not cast spells that could not normally be molded; he does not win

new charm lists.

Protecting magic ring + N - N. A protection level magic ring adds its bonus to armor class

carrier and all saving jets; that is to say, a magic ring + N increases the possibility of the carrier to save 5N% and

decreases its ability to be hit by any attack 5N%. The magic rings protection are not

cumulative; magical rings a weamagic protection of two ring character employs the largest bonus,

not the sum of the two. The magic rings protection are also not cumulative with magic armor or other

protection products; still, the largest bonus applies.

Magic Ring Protection 10 'r of a creature - Level 2. A specific type of being (vampires, orcs, hobbits, etc.)

is listed for this magic ring; As a magic ring is worn, no creature of this type can approach in 10

feet of the wearer. The magic ring emanates no protection while unworn. One being the type protected against the will,

however, to find it impossible to put on the magic ring. There is no restriction against using capacity

widespread, magic or mundane, against the wearer. MORE POWERFUL VARIANTS: A magic ring that is protected against

a more general category (eg, vampire, elementals, demons, humanoids, etc.) would be at least one item of level 3;

something more surrounding that such categories would be level 5.

Regeneration magic ring - Level 4. The holder of this magic ring regenerates damage at 1 horse fray

Round. The damage from fire or acid do not regenerate. Damage already on the character when the magic ring was the

regenerated set, but only if the character is alive. Before the magic ring above, the character must have at least

a finger still attached to his body in order to benefit from the magic ring and cut both hands prevents a character

to employ a regeneration magic ring. However, once the magic ring is worn, the same damage regenerate

after sevemagic ring of death or total. If the hand with the magic ring is divided, the character regenerates hand --- a

new body grows wrist (or finger section only if the finger was divided) 1 horse round melee. The

new body is inert until regrowth is complete when the transfer of the consciousness of the character (if

original body is still alive) and the remains of the original fall dead body. Body parts usually divided only

can not be identified, but regrow the body part which carries the magic ring. In cases fatal damage (or

any sevemagic ring that belies the head of the magic ring) regenerative body is alive as soon as stroke points

Positive will be regained but unconscious until all hit points are restored.

Resistance magic ring - Level 1. A magic ring of this type exists for each resist prayer lists

Secretary, although the magic rings resistant to treatment of injuries are in little demand. The magic ring

provides the wearer with the appropriate strength as it is worn; there is no fence.

Multiple resistance magic ring - Level 2. This magic ring acts as resistance qu'bague magic, but the holder may

place the type of resistance to some kind of standard resistance is desired. The change in resistance must be declared

the beginning of a round and accounts as action in combat.

Universal resistance magic ring - Level 4. This magic ring simultaneously gives acid resistance, injury

event, cold, crushing, fire, lightning, and poison, according to the respective Secretary prayers. Protection is

assured as the magic ring is worn.

Star Magic Ring shooting - Level 3. This magic ring only works at night and in an open (ie to outside.

., not in dense cover) It also requires that the sky will not be completely obscured; at least one correction

night sky with stars must be obvious. While these conditions are met, the wearer can call one of the following

powers: (1) create light, equal to the clear bright moon in 2 ranges "to 24 rays"; (2) derive a missile

full light magic, striking any target like AC 9, leaving 12 points of damage on a successful hit,

capable of hitting any target regardless of invulnerability to arms, 24 "ranges; (3) cast a fireball, 24

layemagic "extend of damage posed 12/8/4 hit points (ring to the charm), except at the half. All these

powers come into force in Article phase. The light lasts until the next sunrise unless dispelled (Dispel the

Magic automatically succeeds). Multiple areas of light can be created. All the powers are used

freely without mesh provided the magic ring works at all.

The charm of the magic ring directs + N - Level variable M. This magic ring provides to the charm of N points bearer

; these can be used exactly as its "normal" supply. The magic ring fully recharge

every 24 hours regardless of the recovery or lack thereof of the wearer. If more detail is required, each

point in the magic ring (if more than one) comes 24 hours after it was used; for example, if a Freddy

magic ring 4 points and employs a midi point, two at 3 pm and end at 8 pm, magic refills a ring

noon next point two to 3 P.M., etc. A one or two point magic ring is an article from level 2; a magic ring

3 or 4 points is the level 3; a magic ring of 5 or 6 points is the level 4.

The magic ring of prayer indicates + N - Level variable C. except provide spiritual power to ecclesiastical rather

that the power of magic mages functions of this magic ring just like magic ring points + N charming


Magic ring ring N - Level 2 * N M. charming Stomagic. This magic ring can hold charms N indefinitely.

To store a charm in the magic ring, a mage must wear the magic ring and cast the spell in the magic ring. All

stored charms are immediately lost if the wearer removes the magic ring for any reason. There is no

limit the level of stored charms. A stored charm can be released in the article stage as the action of the character; the

release of stored charm, unlike the regular frame is not interrupted by damage. Several variants

Defective this magic ring exist. We simply "loses" the charms that are stored in it (50% chance per day

by charm). Another has a 50% chance that he "did not get" the molded charm in it, causing effect roulette throw

released on his own hand. A third randomly sets off the charms that it is stomagic ring at the zero range (1

lucky charm 6 per hour). Some real cheapskate magic rings combine two or all three of these

straws. Such magic rings are not usually cursed in the sense of need remove the curse on the gap,

but only the most expert examination will detect the flaw in the spell stomagic charm ring. Such variant

must be explicitly described in the article list. This article is somewhat difficult to level in that, unlike the

most other articles, his power grows with the power of roulette. A magic ring of two charming would

not necessarily devastating in the hands of a low-level caster. Just be careful.

The small ring magic ring charm Stomagic, N spells, level X - Level variable M. This article

works like magic ring charming Stomagic ring up, but the charm of storable maximum level is X

; more powerful charms can not be stored. This refers to the maximum end boutique level including all

modifiers. The level suggested by the article is full of charm magic ring ring Stomagic if X is 4 or more;

level N for X = 3; level N-1 to X = 2; and Level N / 2 for X = 1.

Magic ring ring N prayer Stomagic

Level N + 1 C. This magic ring works like magic ring of the charming Stomagic ring, but for

prayers secretary.

Ring magic ring limited Stomagic prayer, prayer N, Level X

Level variable C. This magic ring functions as a small ring magic ring charm Stomagic, but

prayers secretary.

Magic ring hardness + N - Tier N / 2. This magic ring increases the medical examination unless the holder of 5N%. This magic ring

protection is treated as the magic ring + N for cumulative effects with other items.

Spell magic ring rotation, N% - level variable. Any magic ring of this kind has an estimate of

percentile which is its ability to steer any spell (or prayer or spell-like effect of the article, but NOT

breath or gaze weapons unless they are defined as having specific spell effect) without danger of

roulette. This works for the charms of any level, and guide as part of an area-effect spell that

otherwise affect the carrier (anyone else in the industry is affected normally). Magic rings 20%

or less is the level 1; 21-40% are level 2; 41-60%, level 3; 61-80% level 4. VARIANTS: A magic ring

less powerful suffer a penalty of 5% deflection chance for each level of roulette charm above 1;

place the item level based on the chance to travel for a 7th roulette level. A more powerful version reflects

back charm effect roulette; increase the level of Article 1.

Magic ring of underwater movement - "1 or 2" level. Level 1 version of this magic ring allows the wearer to

move in or under water without the usual penalty; he suffers no modifier for combat capabilities and has a

swim speed equal to his land movement rate. The version of the Level 2 also incorporates breathing spell

of water, the level 1 does not.

The water breathing magic ring - Level 1. The wearer can breathe water as if it were air as the sound weamagic

magic ring, similar to the effect of breathing mage charming water. This does not interfere with the ability to breathe air. A ring

normal breather water weamagic magic ring can breathe the air as if it were water.

Water Walking magic ring - Level 1. The wearer can walk on water as if it were full. No part of the body

the wearer can not penetrate the surface of the water or get wet, although the water surface is a little ringy spmagic "

to give it "when probed with force. This magic does not keep the wearer of the wetting by rain, spray, or other types of water

that does not rest on the ground, but he can walk dry-footed through all the puddles on the ground. Any fluid which

contains appreciable amounts of water can be walked over with this spell, and all the normal effects of contact with

the surface (wetting, corrosion, etc.) are not incurred. The pure oil, pure alcohol, and other non-aqueous fluids can not

not be walked on with this magic ring. A fall on the water while weamagic ring this magic ring is also

damaging a fall on soft ground. This effect works at any time while the magic ring is worn; there is no


Weak magic ring - Level 3. Cursed-12. Decreases the strength of the wearer 3. breads every wearer to strike,

save, etc. have half the chance usual success. This applies as the magic ring is worn. Successful

removes the curse as against a 12th level is asked to get off the magic ring.

Magic ring of the X-Ray Vision - Level 3. slightly misnamed, this magic ring allows the wearer to see the will

by walls or fences with an overall thickness of up to 1 foot. If there are multiple layers (for example, several

thin walls) the wearer can see through it all, though the existence of the walls is still evident. The appearance of things beyond

walls is normal. Light is required for the bearer channel unless the second view is in service. To solve

Visibility issues, consider the bearer as being able to handle all obstacles to the thickness as limiteuse

if they were made of glass. Metal accounts 10 times its true thickness, and the wire is always opaque. VARIATIONS: Rings

more powerful magic can view a larger thickness throughout; less powerful magic rings can view

only certain materials. SPECIAL NOTE: A character weamagic ring magic ring "X-ray" can see

through its own closed eyelids, or any band unleaded at will.

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