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My name Hounon kopkemedji, I live in Benin, Africa. I do Love rituals, exorcism, protection, Chance, Silver and Vengeance. I am an expert in Voodoo Magic and Black Magic. My lineage speaks for itself: my grandfather enjoyed a great reputation in the country. I learned with him Magic Voodoo Traditional as well as black magic rituals. I combine the rituals of black magic incantation with using voodoo dolls to get the most powerful and fastest results available. If necessary, I will ask you to wear an amulet. I take my job very seriously and I prove every day that my services are the most reliable among those you will find.

As I was literally horrified by the number of so-called marabouts who offer online services, but who obviously have no idea what they are talking, I said that I am a qualified and honest professional.

I always consider my spiritual faculties as a gift from God. I think it is my duty to help others solve their problems and regain faith in the Miracle Daily. If you have not tried real and powerful spells before, you will be more than surprised by the results I can bring.


Hide my powers and my knowledge from the African esoteric translation favor the result of my interventions to assist you in your difficulties. Medium recognized para psychologist community, usually I give about a delay in obtaining the results, the period from 3 days to 7 days, I never start a job I can not finish, because this is the first consultation that guides me.

NB: the customer must be frank to report his remarks as to the resolution of the problem in order to receive the new recommendations marabout to avoid the appearance disrupted pre treatment process to be considered for a result.


Born into a family of African Master medium medium moves around the world. Seeing, marabout known by the power of his psychic gifts, he intervenes to solve problems that succession:

- Love, feelings,

- Shyness, money, work, business, competitive and other examinations such as driving license,

- The chance to games (lotto euro million, keno, bingo etc ...)

- The customer attraction for companies and vendors,

- The désenvoutement and protection.


The marabout, seeing, medium is a person who has spirituality in hand, it is an intermediary between God and the spirits is a specialist in the spiritual community.

Only it is to solve your problems.

I am a psychic I just West African marabout, I am heir gifts of my ancestors.



My first goal is to help the man in trouble without racial distinction of sex or religion, my salary is not fixed is based on the problem of my client and speed for obtaining result after my remarks.



Master marabout, seeing, medium travels around the world is a medium that discovers while consulting his hereditary donations are passed from grandfather Small son for generations.

NB: Since the marabouts its presence in Europe in Africa, America and Asia attempted suicide have decreased by nearly 95 100 in those who are going to see a marabout. Believe in the power of maraboutage since colonial times, there have been governors and presidents who have benefited from their marabouts in guiding to the right path.


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Tel: 00229 94 55 49 23


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